Phantom 320

A revolution in full flight simulators.

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Air Stairs

To reduce infrastructure costs we created a fully integrated entrance for the training device. It is inspired by the executive jet entrance and is truly going to set the new standard in training device innovations.

Plug and Play

All systems are integrated in the simulator. Together with the revolutionary Airstairs this ensures that no complicated infrastructure is necessary anymore. Only 4 cabinets remain for the motion control system.

Modular Structure

In the traditional simulators no less than 4000 connections are being used. In our simulator around 200 connections. This allows for easy and fast maintenance and optimized operating times.

Visual System

No expenses have been spared on the visual system. This is the top of the market and makes grass come alive.

Motion system and light weight simulator

The motion system we use is easy to maintain. All line replaceable units can be exchanged within one hour and 24/7 global support is offered. Our system uses a lot of strong and light weight materials, making the simulator weighing only 7,3 tons. The motion system can take 14 tons, so maximum loads are never exceeded.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
We can access the interface from a distance, which lets us assist you with any maintenance requests.

All weather
The Phantom 320 is IP-54 water proof and designed to perfection. This ensures that there is no light leakage or any dust intrusion in the systems.

Lightweight 7.3 ton on a platform of 14 ton
Floor loads / dynamic load 50 tons / m2
Motion Envelope (room needed) 11x12 mtr Height 9,5 mtr
Power usage 3-phase 380 480 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz -40 KVAmtr
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