Requirements & Selection

Do you have what it takes?

Find out if you can fulfil the requirements necessary to become a pilot. During the assessment process we carry out several evaluations aligned to aviation standards. These include qualification checks, personality, aptitude, English tests, a medical examination, simulator proficiency exercise, and a personal interview.

The assessment and selection process of Avion consists out of four phases:

1. Divided attention test
This test consists of coordination and multi tasking tests.

2. Capacity assessment and personality test.
Avion Training checks if the applicant has enough knowledge of mathematics, physics and English to facilitate the understanding of the theoretical knowledge instruction content of the course. Also the personality of the applicant is tested.

3. Grading on a simulator. 
Avion Training checks if the applicant has talent and is able to show progress in a short time.

4. Interview. 
The selection results of the first three phases are discussed. Also, the general presentation of the applicant, his or her biography and motivation are discussed. The selection has been developed in close cooperation with the Institute for Aviation Psychology.


An applicant for an ATP(A) integrated course shall become 18 years old before completion of the course, but in any event, he will not be less than 17 years old. Beside this an applicant shall hold a valid class 1 medical certificate conform Part-Medical and needs at minimum a Higher General Secondary Education. Call us & make an appointment to receive detailed information. Together we’ll go through the requirements and set you up to do an assessment. You are welcome to visit our locations, broaden your horizons and talk to student pilots. Let’s meet & greet and see if you’ve got what it takes!

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