Avion Sim Flat Panel Trainer

Flat Panel Trainer

Avion provides a complementary Flat Panel Trainer (FPT) to increase the training quality and experience. The data of the FPT is interchangeable and can beloaded into the FSS as preparation, thus increasing the training time in the FFS.

Technical Specifications

Engines CEO / NEO combination
Hardware included Actual throttles
Data Pack OEM License A320 included
FMGC Flight Management and Guidance Computer
FG: Avion Simulated Solution, FM: Honeywell Rehosted Solution
Hardware Kits Hardware kits available for expanding:
Operational Kit 1 – MCDU CPT and F/O
Operational Kit 2 – EGPWS
Operational Kit 3 – Sidesticks
Operational Kit 4 – Rudder Pedals, Tillers and Cockpit Seats
Operational Kit 5 – Image Generation

Compared to traditional simulators, Avion uses the latest proven technology to achieve a low total cost of ownership.
Here is how it’s done:

The FPT uses the same software as the FFS. By creating ‘snapshots’ you can convert the preflight preparation from the FPT into the cockpit of the FFS.

Furthermore, during the flight the instructor can take ‘snapshots’ for debriefing Harmonizing the software of the FPT and FFS will save training time in the FFS, save costs and will increase training quality.

Like its ‘Big Brother’, the Flat Panel Trainer is easy to move and ‘Plug and Fly’. Everything is integrated.

Can be shipped in 3 boxes and will fit through a regular door.

Avion Sim Flat Panel Trainer
Avion Sim Flat Panel Trainer
Avion Sim Flat Panel Trainer