Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to speak English?
For pilot training the general Language is English, so a good understanding and fluency in speaking is required.
Will I be qualified to start a Pilot Training?
You are more than welcome to visit our school and experience what it would be like to attend the education. Once you decide that you want to attend we will go through an assessment to see if you would be suitable to attend the course.The selection consists of several tests including multi tasking, assessment and personality test. We also want to see if you can learn and progress in a short time in a simulator.Not only is this important for us, but also for you to see what the chances of success can be. Finally we have an interview. For the selection process please also see Requirements & Selection
Does my origin matter?
Avion does not discriminate on basis of origin, however, one should first investigate if you are eligible to obtain a work permit for the country you prefer.
For more info, please contact us.
Does it matter whether I'm a male or female?
No, when one meets the selection criteria one is eligible to start. We do not discriminate based on gender, race religion, age or origin.
One has to check however, if one is eligible to obtain a visa for training at our training facilities in Turkey and/or the Netherlands.
Do I have to have the eyesight of an eagle?
No, this is often a miss interpretation. The general rules are that the sight should be between + 5 and – 6! There are some additional rules however, like the difference between the eyes cannot be more than 2 and one cannot be colorblind.
Exceptions do apply again however, so if in doubt, please contact us for extra
What are the medical requirements?
You have have to pass a Class 1 medical check. Here the general health is being assessed by aero medical specialists, looking at things as heart, lungs, condition, bloodsugar etc.
If you are in doubt of a particular thing in your health, please contact us so we can help you getting into contact with an aeromedical specialist to check you on that particular part before you start an entire selection.
Do I need flight experience, before starting my training?
No, you do not need any previous experience for the ATPL or MPL programs, however, before making such an important decision in your life one can always do an introduction flight at almost any (smaller) airport to get a feel of taking off and flying yourself. Costs are often not that high. Please contact us if you need any advice on this. We are happy to help you get the “Aviation virus” (beware, there is no cure!)
Is the cost of living and food included?
The price for training is a basic price excluding costs for living. For more info on the campus please click here.
What does the education cost?
There are many variables and many different prices for various trainings based on equipment and training locations, so please contact us for a specific price.
For MPL training specific prices will be mentioned when these programs are available.
The candidates must arrange funding for the course privately. Avion Training has no funding arrangements available.

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