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Aviation is a highly dynamic market which shows a constant worldwide growth. This offers good job opportunities to well-educated and well-trained professional pilots in order to support the expansion of your airline.

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At present, there is a high demand for experienced pilots worldwide. Lists of ab initio students are getting depleted fast and forecasts by Boeing , Airbus , as well as ICAO and IATA show that by 2026 the industry will need a staggering 350,000 new pilots! Shortages of well-trained pilots are starting to restrict normal operation and growth of airlines. Airlines should be very much aware of the coming shortages. As an airline you must anticipate and make sure you will have enough well qualified pilots to ensure a safe and continuous operation. Growth aspirations should be well coordinated with the training of pilots.

There are several options Avion can offer to ensure you as an airline gets the well trained, qualified professional pilots and to retain them.
ATPL and MPL programs. By working together with you, Avion can select candidates meeting your standards prior to training according to the standards and SOP’s you want. Also, by agreements, retaining the pilots can be well achieved. In the short term, Avion can recruit experienced pilots according to your standards. Tailor made assessments, airline adaptation courses and TR courses can be provided to your standards.

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