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Avion has provided several Airline programs. This can be done with either ATPL or MPL programs. Avion can create training programs tailored to our customers wishes and in close cooperation so the best results can be achieved. We have our own and carefully developed Recruitment and Selection process which consists of several intelligence-, psychological tests and a simulator test. In our airline programs the last interview is always done together with the customer.



Furthermore, resources of the airline can be used to train the cadets for the airline. Combining the specific knowledge of airline, instructors and the SOP’s (standard operating procedures) with our training makes that the cadets will be optimally prepared for the job they are trained for. Multi crew cooperation can already be trained in the IR phase for example, instructors of the airline can be used both in the MCC phase and TQ. Synergy advantages can be realized in several ways to reduce costs and improve training quality to the highest standards. We have realized this already in cooperation with Flybe and Sunexpress.

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